Shipping costs will be determined, along with your quote for the finished piece, as prices vary for different sizes and shapes of art. If you are not satisfied with the art you receive, you may return the art to me, and half of the full purchase price will be returned to you. I cannot reimburse any shipping costs for returns.

Shipping and returns

     Demonstrated in my gallery, I specialize in very colorful, fantasy-like forest scenes, and sea-life, floral pieces and occasionally, portraits. I work in Liquitex acrylic paints, Winsor Newton oils,  and use canvas and various types of paper. I also do line-art and watercolor work. Contacting me with your ideas is your first step to owning a piece of the magic. I am open to new ideas, and will be honest if I do not believe I have what it takes to meet your needs.

     My prices range from 25$ to over 500$, depending on the size and complexity of your finished piece. After hearing your initial idea for the artwork, I will draw up a few sketches for composition and color ideas for your approval, (1 to 6 sketches), and a price quote.
I believe in open communication between myself and the buyer, via email. This is how you will receive all sketches, in-progress photos and color samples for your finished work! I want to make sure you are getting what you want. I look forward to hearing from you and adding your next piece of original art to your collection.